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I, uh, absolutely required schmoop.

I do not apologize for this.

Also, to everyone who's said hi in the lurker post, I definitely want to respond, but I was cleaning and then watching Bones and then watching Supernatural and then doing this, so--sometime soon! I hope. But it is awesome to hear from everyone ♥

And As For Some Happy Ending
593 words, follows other bodyswap fics

I'd rather stay single and thin. )
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[livejournal.com profile] pinkfinity posted that Jensen was totally acting bodyswitched at this con, which reminded me I already thought it would be kind of hilarious to do a sequel to Things Are Getting Strange I'm Starting to Worry with a con, so. Here we go. Spoilers for...this weekend's con? idk.

Forever Be Dozy and Dim
1145 words, Jared/Jensen non-AU bodyswitching, yo.

God, you suck so hard at this. )
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Title: Things Are Getting Strange, I'm Starting To Worry
Author: [livejournal.com profile] chash
Fandom: Supernatural RPS
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Bodyswapping! Non-AU. So, you know, crack.
Word Count: 4000.
Summary: Jared is pretty sure this sort of thing is just supposed to happen in the show.
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] trolleys's totally awesome Freaky Friday art got me thinking about J2 bodyswitching, and then this happened.
Disclaimer: Lies and untruths.

Jared's never claimed his bodyswitched sexual morals make any sense. )


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