Oct. 30th, 2013

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Hey friends, long time no see! I was rooting through my drafts folder on gmail and I have all these things I'm never going to finish, so I'm throwing them up in a post. Enjoy, but not too much, because I will never finish them, and they are all completely unsatisfying. Sorry? I did check to make sure none of them end in the middle of sentences.

HARRY POTTER, Dumbledore has a Muggle romance in the sixties or something, 1000 words.

Albus rather likes Sainsbury's )

BABYLON 5, high school AU, 500 words

On Marcus's first day at Babylon High School, he falls in love. )

RPF, a sequel to that Genevieve Cortese/Tyler Posey thing I wrote that I'm too lazy to link to (THIS IS A SAD POST), 715 words

Dylan, it's office hours, I'm your TA. You are the reason office hours exist. Of course you should be here. )

TEEN WOLF, Danny/Stiles FBI AU where Stiles was supposed to be Fox Mulder?? idk where I was going with this, but I clearly had a plot I was thinking about, 1600 words

Stiles Stilinski isn't the only FBI agent who joined the Bureau because he was looking for his best friend. )

DISCWORLD, Tiffany Aching/Preston, stuck in drafts limo FOREVER, 555 words

A Boy Who Comes Around )

DISCWORLD, post Monstrous Regiment, Polly/Maladict, 300 words

The first thing that happens is that Paul and Shufti get engaged. )

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, Tamaki/Haruhi first time fic, porny, 700 words

Read more... )

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB, AU where Haruhi works at the library and a cafe and Tamaki thinks she's two different people, I might finish this someday, idk, 430 words

What do you do when your most trusted companions betray you? )

TEEN WOLF, Scott/Stiles porn, this is really mostly done, I'm a failure, 925 words

It's not like Stiles wanted to die, it's just that if he'd thought he was going to live, he never would have made out with Scott. )

TEEN WOLF, Danny/Stiles, Stiles is cockblocking Danny because he doesn't want him dating one of the alpha pack, kinda porny, 1450 words

So, are you still a virgin? )

RPF, more Robert Pattinson/Jennifer Lawrence BFFs, also Chris Hemsworth is there, I might also finish this eventually, 1055 words

I have seen pictures of him. He is massive. He probably has orbiting bodies. He is like Gaston, but blonde. He is roughly the size of a barge, Jen. I am going to be killed. )

SUPERNATURAL, Sam/Dean Babylon 5 AU intended for [profile] spn_j2_bigbang in, like, 2010, but then grad school happened, 6700 words

Maybe there was such a thing as too fresh a start. )


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